Kick-starting Offshore Wind in India

July 2020: India OW market is attractive yet challenging. The risks cannot be ignored or wished away, but the industry can be kick-started with a targeted approach. To deal with the uncertainty, the government needs to provide a clear market roadmap and players need to commit to a price trajectory.

Catching up Indian Wind industry- Know all that’s happening

June 2020: We held our webinar with Windinsider on "Top 5 Windpower Trends: Shaping the wind market in 2020-2021". You can read the views of following key stakeholders across the wind value chain here - KK Wind Solutions, Envision Group, ABJ Drones, Vestas, IFC, SPRNG Energy and GWEC

MEC+ and QVARTZ report: Breaking the Catch-22 in Indian Offshore Wind

May 2020: The report explores the case for sustainable growth in the pipeline for OW projects in India. It also discusses the most poignant challenges and complexities that the nascent Indian offshore wind sector faces.

OW is expensive for India-But as compared to what?

June 2020: Read our article to understand why the statement - offshore wind is expensive in india, is both incomplete and incorrect.

India – Why bother about offshore wind at all?

June 2020: Current supply plans of the government are expected to fall short to meet the demand projections in 2030, creating the need for alternatives like Offshore Wind (OW). Read our article to understand why OW India must bother about OW today.

Why India needs offshore wind to blow coal out of the water

May 2020: Offshore Wind in India is a Catch-22 between immediate needs and sustainable development of the country’s power sector. Read our exclusive article for Recharge AS to understand the price dynamics and physical constraints that will make offshore wind an attractive proposition in India.

MEC+ and GWEC report: India Wind outlook towards 2022

May 2020: The report takes a 360-degree of the market to understand the drivers and inhibitors for the installation and discuss the growth scenarios for the wind power industry in India.

MEC+ Roundtable Abbreviated: India Wind Outlook towards 2022

May 2020: We held our webcast in the roundtable format to discuss the key findings of the report: "India wind market outlook towards 2022: Looking beyond headwinds". We also answered the questions related to the key topics in the industry. Read the article to know these answers.

Grid evacuation for wind in India: A case of planned, yet delayed infrastructure

May 2020: Grid in India is planned to support installation but is expected to be delayed in availability. The existing wind pipeline will continue to face the grid bottleneck until 2021. Read our article to understand the reasons behind the grid availability delays.


Objective benchmarking for valuation of target business

Sep 2019: Designed and executed valuation framework for Tier 1 business in APAC, to support transaction intelligence at global energy leader

Commercial due diligence on a Wind OEM in India

How we helped an investor evaluate the assets of an Indian wind OEM

Playbook to operate in Indian market

Sep 2019: Supported global energy major to smoothen operations and compliance in India.

Floating Offshore Wind-Ready for Commercialization?

Aug 2018: An outlook of the Floating Offshore Wind Industry: Opportunities to accelerate deployments


India Wind Growth Tracker

April 2020: MEC Intelligence (MEC+) tracks the wind story in India. As the market has matured over the last few years, what is the current status and what are the expectations going forward from the Indian wind industry?

Asset owners taking higher control of their operational portfolios

Jan 15, 2020: Traditionally, O&M for wind farms in India has been carried out by OEMs. But recently, major asset owners have started taking control of their operations by developing their in-house O&M capability. To know more, read the insight:

Update to Indian wind tenders and delay in commissioning of projects

Oct 24, 2019: In tendering, 27% capacity has dropped-off between tendering to contract awarding in Indian Wind tender and in execution, 41% wind projects are delayed on commissioning to date in India. To know more, read the insight:

Indian developers struggle with payment delays

Sep 19, 2019: Recent data on payment delays by DISCOMs shows the cause and effect of payment dues are highly concentrated to 3 states and impacting 15 players in the market. These payment delays create huge risks for RE projects, escalating prices and demand contraction. To know more, read the


India needs to break catch-22 of Offshore Wind to meet its doubling electricity demand by 2030: MEC+

June 2020: Read our press release for the launch of our report with QVARTZ: Breaking the Catch 22 in Indian Offshore Wind

India Unlikely to Achieve its Wind Target Without Regulatory Reforms

May 2020: MEC+ in the news: India's total wind energy capacity would only reach 50 GW by 2022 as existing pipeline and new auctions face multiple challenges.

India set to miss flagship 2022 wind target by 10 GW

May 2020: MEC+ in the news- India is set to fall 10GW short of its 2022 target for wind power installations as coronavirus pressures add to a list of existing barriers to deployment.