India Renewable Energy-Getting ready for a rollercoaster ride

India has emerged as one of the fastest growing renewable markets globally, however, the uncertainty in the market remains

Next Generation Opportunities in Utility Scale Solar

The solar industry is steaming ahead, and 2016 was another record year with a global market of around 74 GW installed, up 30% from 2015

European onshore wind outlook

Onshore wind has been a major renewable energy source globally with one-third of the capacity installed in Europe by YE2015. The last 5 years

Growing wind services market offers growth avenue for pe firms

Wind industry has grown more than 20 times in past two decades with installations reaching ~370 GW in 2014 from only 17.4 GW in

Emergence of hybrid renewable energy systems

Solar power – clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable – is experiencing remarkable growth and popularity across the globe. Various factors such as technological advancements, reduction in power

Shift of renewables to the east

Renewable energy in the world has gone through a major transformation in the past five years. In the current decade, renewables are set to establish

Offshore wind china

Offshore wind sector is progressing to become the fastest growing cleantech technology globally in recent years. While Europe has been the leading within off-shore

Foundations for larger & deeper offshore wind

For offshore wind farms installations, foundation selection plays an important role in the overall concept design as there are large financial implications attached to the


Floating Offshore Wind-Ready for Commercialization?

An Outlook of the Floating Offshore Wind Industry: Opportunities to accelerate deployments

Strategic decision partner in a billion-dollar acquisition in India

How we helped a leading European wind turbine manufacturer in its decision to make a brownfield investment, to

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How we helped a leading ship management company extend its capabilities in offshore vessel management through acquisition

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How we identified and suggested additional revenue opportunities for an electronic equipment OEM in wind sector