MEC+ and SolarQuarter: India Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Show 2020

Sep 2020: The next wave of energy transition will be led by hydrogen and green hydrogen will play a key role in a clean, secure, and affordable energy future. MEC+ is organizing a Virtual Conference on "India Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Show 2020: Policy, Partnership & Business Strategy" on 30th September. Register now

Abridged India Offshore Wind Summit 2020

Aug 2020: We held a virtual summit with WindInsider on India Offshore Wind. Read the abridged version to know the latest developments in Offshore Wind in India. Following are the government and Industry stakeholders which shared the same platform- MNRE, SECI, Danish Energy Agency, Embassy of Denmark in India, Van Oord, Equinor, DNV GL

MEC+ and Windinsider: India Offshore Wind Summit 2020

Aug 2020: OW is inevitable in the supply mix of India. We are organising an exclusive OW summit where industry and government stakeholders will be present on the same forum to discuss what is needed to kick-off the industry and how fast can we expect some progress.

Addressing Key Questions on Indian Offshore Wind

Aug 2020: MEC+ had launched a report teaser on Breaking the Catch-22 in Indian Offshore Wind” along with a briefing video with our MD, Mr. Sidharth Jain. We have received several queries from the key stakeholders around the Offshore Wind industry which we would like to address here.

Abridged Expert Session on Corporate RE Procurement in India

Aug 2020: We held an Expert session with Solar Quarter on Corporate Renewable Energy Procurement in India. You can read the views of following key stakeholders across the corporate procurement value chain here - Renew Power, Cleantech Solar, IEX, CREDA, KREDL, cKers Finance, CDP.

Modi’s mission could put Indian wind power back on level terms with solar

July 2020: This article highlights that push towards localization in solar and new technology launch within wind can rekindle the developer and off-taker interest into wind, re-positioning the technology for starting its second innings in India.

Kick-starting Offshore Wind in India

July 2020: India OW market is attractive yet challenging. The risks cannot be ignored or wished away, but the industry can be kick-started with a targeted approach. To deal with the uncertainty, the government needs to provide a clear market roadmap and players need to commit to a price trajectory.

Yes, solar’s on a roll in India – but here’s why it’s too soon to write-off onshore wind

July 2020: Should Indian Onshore Wind be dismissed after solar becoming the cheapest source of renewable power in India or is there more to the wind story in India? This article talks about the possible short-term and long term roles for onshore wind in India.

Tech-neutral and hybrid tender models are helping renewables’ economic logic in India

June 2020: Shift towards more sophisticated tendering with a focus on power outcomes rather than technology is opening new doors for wind and solar.

Catching up Indian Wind industry- Know all that’s happening

June 2020: We held our webinar with Windinsider on "Top 5 Windpower Trends: Shaping the wind market in 2020-2021". You can read the views of following key stakeholders across the wind value chain here - KK Wind Solutions, Envision Group, ABJ Drones, Vestas, IFC, SPRNG Energy and GWEC

MEC+ and QVARTZ: Breaking the Catch-22 in Indian Offshore Wind

May 2020: The report explores the case for sustainable growth in the pipeline for OW projects in India. It also discusses the most poignant challenges and complexities that the nascent Indian offshore wind sector faces.

OW is expensive for India-But as compared to what?

June 2020: Read our article to understand why the statement - offshore wind is expensive in india, is both incomplete and incorrect.