In a constantly evolving business arena, the need of the hour is to have a trusted business advisor who understands the industry like an insider and also has a unique outside-in perspective. Find out how we help you to strengthen your business, explore new prospects and improve strategic decision making.


Being one of the biggest contributor in world trade across the globe, Maritime companies are characterised as markets of commodities with high global competition. Government regulations, climate change issues, stringent standard compliance, global competition, competitive market prices are some of the reasons why even the best of the Maritime industry need to promptly adapt new market trends and accommodate new business models.

We, at MEC, have a proven record of successfully helping organisations in improving their geographical expansions, effective pricing, M & A, business cases, future investments and business development strategies. From equipment, yards and shipping - to fuels, services and IT; MEC expertise spans the entire Maritime eco-system.

Global industry giants have trusted us with our capabilities for comprehensive analysis and our insights, into dynamics underplaying the industry, which have allowed us to deliver unique perspectives to Maritime business challenges and support business development with accurate information.

New legislations requiring ever more stringent compliance standards

New entrants in the market pushing for deeper logistical solutions and higher efficiency

Challenges in sustaining competitiveness from avenues like complete strategic focus, new technologies, innovation


Some of our Maritime expertise areas:

Fuel & energy efficiency

Bunker industry

Low sulfur fuel

LNG as propulsion

Sox Scrubbers

Energy efficiency equipment


Tank equipment

Ballast water

Cargo Pumps

Bilge water

Communication and Navigation Equipment

Electronic equipment

Vessel design market

Yards – new build and repair services


Agency and ship supply market

Ship management and crewing market

Marine ERP and technical SW market

ECDIS & Map services Market



Wet and dry markets

Offshore markets

Cargo and trade development

IMO, MARPOL legislations

Customs clearance market


Port Infrastructure

Port Services

Port traffic


Everyday increase in Energy demands, consistently presents numerous challenges to oil & gas industry. In addition to this, the change in energy mix along with the emergence of renewable energy options require companies to carefully monitor the situation locally and make strategic decisions that provide them with lasting value.

Specialists at MEC are focussed to provide integrated solutions to help Energy companies to make effective strategic decisions to strengthen their business. Our team understands the dynamics of ever evolving Energy market and the team takes advanced approach to guide the industry players in making efficient investment decisions and optimising commodity pricing.

Our experts bring in detailed information to develop and deliver customised solutions to our clients for offshore oil & gas, technology, equipment, services and much more. We have helped companies develop a perspective on the market and plan their actions in accordance by providing forecasts of future energy demand and supply sources, intelligence on other players, infrastructure and technologies in the energy value chain.

Oil production continues to grow with the share of crude oil in the growth declining, and the usage of oil becoming concentrated.

Gas is on its way to become a globally traded commodity - being preferred as a fuel for industrial applications due to its abundance, and as a clean energy alternative to nuclear energy

Some of our Energy & Offshore expertise areas:


Offshore Exploration

Drilling and production of oil and gas


Crewing market

Repair and maintenance market

Offshore software markets

Offshore logistics market


Deep-sea equipment market

FPSO equipment market

Offshore yard and repair yard market


Northern European Utility market

Generation, transmission and distribution services market


Clean-Tech energy industry in the recent times has seen unprecedented popularity due to use of clean resources, new developments in technology and increased focus on building a sustainable energy production and consumption infrastructure.

To gain a foothold in this market, it is imperative that the organisations move and act fast, reach out to prospective clients, pilot new and innovative business models and continuously iterate in order to stay ahead of the competition.

However, many players in the industry face challenges in scoping the right approach and gaining the correct knowledge foundation to win against the existing dynamics of the field.

MEC professionals are experienced in executing in-depth projects in various Clean-Tech industries, including, Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Waste Management and Water. With inherent understanding of the evolution of the industry context and its parts, the eco-system, the regulatory framework, along with leading intelligence on companies and markets, we are equipped to provide customers with distinctive perspective to contemporary challenges.

The ever increasing requirement for resources

Soaring commodity prices

Surge in new energy standards & regulations

New developments in technology

Increased focus on building a sustainable energy production and consumption infrastructure

Some of our Clean Tech expertise areas:

Smartgrid, energy efficiency and EVs

Electric vehicles and infrastructure markets

Smart grid Infrastructure and services market

Power Electronics market

Software and Communication Platforms

Smart home markets

De-central energy generation markets (Fuel cells, Heat pumps)

On and Offshore wind

On shore wind markets

Off shore wind markets

Water industries

Industrial and Commercial water treatment markets

Municipal water treatment

Filtration markets

Biomass, biofuels and waste

Waste treatment and sludge equipment markets

Bioethanol and biofuel markets


Gasification and bio mining

Solar and solar thermal

Solar PV

Solar thermal

Large scale solar CSP system