Offshore wind farms consist of a number of wind turbine generators. A grid of cables interconnects the generators and brings the power to shore. Cable links that connect offshore wind farms to shore contribute to sustainable electricity distribution. The know-how for installing transmission cable interconnections is a valuable asset for the offshore wind industry.

It has been observed that a number of challenges have been faced by offshore wind industry for cable installation and maintenance, which is evident from the fact that ~70% of the insurance claims from offshore wind farm operations relate to cable damage. Hence, it is imperative to adapt the method which is not only advantageous for long transmission and connections but is also cost effective.

This report describes a good practice for the installation of offshore wind transmission cables. It provides an overview of the primary economic & technological drivers related to cable installation and global industry players. It also offers an evaluation of innovations that could assist in driving down the cost of the installation and maintenance of cables in offshore wind farm operations.

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