Offshore wind sector is progressing to become the fastest growing cleantech technology globally in recent years. While Europe has been the leading within off-shore wind development, China is expected to lead the way in the future within this domain. By 2020, based on the announced targets, China alone is expected to account for almost 40% of the global offshore wind capacity target of about 70 GW by 2020, more than double that of the United Kingdom.

Chinese offshore sector aims to be the next growth centre of the industry. It has been estimated that China has a total potential of developing about 750 GW of offshore wind, of which 200 GW is in water depths between 5-25 metres. On the other hand, issues such as defining a process for consenting, approval and governance in general combined with an immature supply chain pose risks for potential returns.

With comprehensive dedication, China aims to meet its targets and offer paths to future growth for the domestic players. Also, it has been observed that the Chinese government is sensitised to the bottlenecks that exist in the off- shore wind industry and has proactively displayed a positive intent to correct procedural delays and moderate tariffs.

This report presents detailed overview of the Chinese offshore wind industry and high-level assessment of the maturity level of the different categories in the value chain. For global leaders, this report will contribute to current or upcoming strategic considerations in an emerging global offshore wind industry.

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