Growing Wind Services market offers growth avenue for PE firms

Mar 2015: Wind industry has grown more than 20 times in past two decades with installations reaching ~370 GW in 2014 from only 17.4 GW in 2000. As the installed base has grown, the need for service has climbed at an above-average pace.

Foundations for larger & deeper Offshore Wind

Feb 2015: For offshore wind farms installations, foundation selection plays an important role in the overall concept design as there are large financial implications attached to the choices made.

Emergence of Hybrid Renewable energy systems

Jan 2015: Solar power – clean, reliable, and increasingly affordable – is experiencing remarkable growth and popularity across the globe.

Perspectives on US Offshore Wind

Apr 2014: Offshore wind industry is being used by a number of countries to harness the energy of strong, consistent winds that are found over the oceans. In the United States, abundant offshore wind resources have the potential to supply immense quantities of renewable energy to major U.S. coastal cities.

Offshore Wind China

Sep 2013: Offshore wind sector is progressing to become the fastest-growing cleantech technology globally in recent years. While Europe has been the leading within off-shore wind development, China is expected to lead the way in the future within this domain.

Offshore Wind Cables

June 2012: It has been observed that a number of challenges have been faced by the offshore wind industry for cable installation and maintenance, which is evident from the fact that ~70% of the insurance claims from offshore wind farm operations relate to cable damage.

Global Cleantech Report

2012: Cleantech sector will continue to grow with green buildings, smart grid and offshore wind as the fastest-growing platforms. The “centre of gravity” for cleantech growth is moving East and West.

Drivers and inhibitors of Electric Vehicles

Dec 2011: Electric Vehicles (EV) use a battery to store the electric energy that powers the motor. EV batteries are charged by plugging the vehicle into an electric power source.

LNG as propulsion fuel

Oct 2011: The move toward using liquid natural gas (LNG) as a propulsion fuel is continuing to gain momentum as new environmental regulations are enacted and facilities are expanded. LNG propulsion holds the potential to disrupt the larger value chain of maritime and similarly commoditized fuel industry.