For offshore wind farms installations, foundation selection plays an important role in the overall concept design as there are large financial implications attached to the choices made. Foundation costs are primarily driven by material & installation costs and have been considered in this report.

New foundation designs have lower costs as turbines become larger and installed in deeper sea. For instance, 6 MW, new foundations are ~4-20% lower in material cost when compared to monopiles & jackets while for turbine sizes 8 MW and larger, new designs reduce the cost by ~21-24%. Cost reduction potential of 5-15% is observed for foundations at selected 5 farms in Europe. However, developers need to manage risk and other associated premium costs with appropriate contracting.

This reports presents detailed and fact based evaluation of foundations technologies for larger & deeper offshore wind farms. It also offers an evaluation of innovations that could assist in driving down the cost of the installation of foundation for offshore wind farm operations.

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