MEC team works with a unified goal of attaining business excellence and growth for its clients. We have positive energy around us because of the accommodative work environment and its values that allow us to love what we do, everyday.

All of us adhere to MEC core values, which are the pillars of its foundation.

We create maximum value for clients and for MEC+ by focusing
on providing tailor made and creative approaches.

We believe there are no leaders without followers.

We believe in always striving for impact and influence.

We invest in our community and our people.

We strive to create a culture where a fish and a bird can fall
in love and grow.


Our hiring process has been designed to assess the candidate on her/his logical abilities, qualitative and quantitative analysis. Apart from these, we also measure the ease of fitment to the team. If you apply for any position in MEC, you should ideally expect the following three rounds. Each round is followed by elimination.


It is a general aptitude test which comprises of questions to test your quantitative and logical reasoning. Download a sample test.

You would be asked a question which you would be expected to estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation. Your observation and understanding of the world would be key to taking the right assumption. We focus on the approach(s) you take, the segmentation you make to reach a narrower answer and insight(s) you are able to draw from the situation.

  • Estimate the number of people wearing saree in India at this point of time?
  • Estimate the revenue of Mc Donald’s at Connaught Place in Delhi?
  • Estimate the number of people entering Mc Donald’s at Connaught Place in Delhi in a day?

You would be given a business case to analyze, solve and then present your interpretations or solutions to the interviewer. You would be expected to use the best of your reasoning abilities to make some assumptions and draw a logical solution to the questions.


After years of engineering work, you finally have produced the world’s first commercially viable spacecraft. The spacecraft cost you EUR 50 million to build. Building an additional spacecraft will take three years. The craft is expected to be replaced by a newer model in 3 years. From its launch pad outside Paris, it can take a load of up to 12 passengers, orbit Earth and return eight hours later. There are no critical safety concerns. The spacecraft can do up to three trips per week. The operational costs related to each trip (salaries, fuel, maintenance) are calculated to EUR 75,000. There are no competing solutions and the design is effectively protected by patent rights for the next 25 years. Imagine you are the head of sales and marketing for the enterprise –you are now asked to propose a recommendation for the next three years:

  • What minimum price would we have to set to break-even over the next three years?
  • Who is the target audience and what is the size of the target group?
  • What options we could choose from to maximize revenues/price setting?
  • How you expected to market the solution to the target group while achieving highest possible returns on marketing investments?