MEC+ has delivered insights on some of the largest M&A deals in India, hi-tech innovation and technology roadmaps for global supply chain players, and strategic planning for profitable growth across multiple businesses.



We support strategies across different horizons – 3 years, 5 years and 10 years. The 3-year strategies are driven by concrete opportunities and prioritising customers, offerings, and partnerships with a heavy focus on competitive positioning. The 5-year strategies are driven by the client’s goals, capabilities, and the extent to which they can be fully developed or bought and deployed. The 10- year strategies are driven by the expectations on technology, the scale of the supply chain needed, and potential business models.

Across all the time horizons, MEC+ will bring facts to the table, structure them in strategic context and model the impact. The team will facilitate discussions with internal and external stakeholders, and provide dashboards and tools to track progress on defined KPIs.

MEC+ has worked with several players both in India and Internationally to support strategy roadmaps.



Supply chain companies have two primary needs – reduce costs and build capabilities. MEC+ has supported dynamic supply chain companies in tech investment as well as modelling supply chain decisions to enable the lowest cost or higher productivity. This is an essential requirement for companies to remain relevant to their customers – whose main aim is to reduce the cost of energy.

The other angle to win customers has been to innovate – not only in terms of product but also in terms of business model. Product innovation is driven by the ability to build higher capacities, better efficiencies, and more system integration (including via digital). This includes renewable industry as well as heating and energy efficiency. The other pathway is innovating in a business model helping customers improve their overall profitability by taking out complexity and providing robustness.

MEC+ helps organisations prioritise value creation opportunities and support the generation of ideas which not only catch up with customer but also positively challenge the customer to adopt new ones. A large part of this is also dependent on the dynamics of different industries. MEC+ builds a thorough understanding of opportunities by bringing cross-industry learnings.



Renewable energy is one of the most capital-intensive businesses and requires a copious amount of capital to scale. We support corporates and funds in making investment thesis, identifying and evaluating targets. All clients are different in their risk perception so we focus on outlining various options to invest and exit and their relative profitability to build a consensus with clients.

We serve clients across the standard requirements in doing M&A

  • Identifying targets
  • Screening targets
  • Doing Due-Diligence
  • Identifying exits
  • Building IM and Financial model
  • Doing valuations

We have participated with large firms in some of the most exciting M&A in India over the last few years.



Business developers do not pause decisions because a strategy process is over. Our clients request our services to support ongoing decisions around specific opportunities, or specific questions that may come up as part of execution, customer discussions, or board inputs. We support clients on multiple market analysis as they require on their projects.

The insights can be in the form of:

  • Market and regulatory insights
  • Competitive insights and competitive monitoring
  • Monitoring technology
  • Developing customer pitches
  • Evaluations of specific business opportunity for investment
  • Development of business case
  • Supporting market intelligence


We staff clients with required team members to help accelerate their growth. This acceleration is possible because clients can focus on outputs and outcomes rather than administration. These services are either need-driven or specific capability-driven.

  • Need-driven: These teams are staffed to support processes at the client’s organisation. The KPI for the team at MEC+ is to deliver on the KPI needed in the process. A typical example will be a sales process to increase the productivity of the sales team. The support that may be needed in the process is to improve efficiency by maturing opportunities before being given to the sales team or to support key account management in growing accounts that are small but growing. MEC+ will staff a team and ensure that the process is driven. These are long term contracts and can be in the following areas:
    o Supporting business development / PMO
    o Supporting sustainability processes/ procurement
    o Supporting organisation processes / digital
  • Staffing driven: MEC+ has its office in India which is a hub for exceptional talent globally. We help clients build an international team with talent as per the need of the client. MEC+ manages the staffing and relieves the client from managing the organisation and so that they can focus on delivering on the output.

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