During the month of September, we worked on the topic of C&I solar market in India and Indian Hydrogen. We have published some of the articles related to these:
1. C&I solar market in India: C&I solar has installed a robust 6.3 GW (till FY 2019) and investors across the spectrum such as Shell, Petronas and large PE firms such as TPG, Warburg Pincus have taken a position. You can find the link to the overview of C&I solar market in India here.

We also organized a session on Renewable energy procurement in India. It covers view from industry players, exchange market, and policy makers. You can access the abridged version of the session here.

2. India Hydrogen Industry: This is a relatively new market with a lot of hype. We organized an expert session to clarify what are the different forms of hydrogen and get a view on the developments from industry players and government representatives. The overarching conclusion is that without a volume target, the price of hydrogen will be in the range of 100-200 INR per kg and it will not be useful. You can read the conclusions of the expert session here.