During the month of Aug, we worked on the topic of Corporate RE procurement in India and Indian Offshore Wind. We have published some of the articles related to these:

1. MEC + organized an expert session on Corporate Procurement of RE in India. You can read the conclusions of the expert session here.

Key discussions were around:

  • The framework of corporate procurement in India along with challenges and outlook
  • Regulator’s point of view on increasing corporate procurement and the policy outlook
  • Developer’s challenges and view-point on market evolution
  • Lender’s consideration when thinking about projects outside DISCOM PPA
  • The need to explore market-based instruments for consumers

2. We have also launched a new video addressing the key Questions around Indian Offshore Wind. These questions were being shared by the actors in the industry when we launched the teaser of our latest report “Breaking the Catch-22 in Indian OW”.

We have also organized an Indian Offshore Wind Summit with WindInsider on 27 August 2020.

After two years of limited activity in Indian Offshore Wind, the session highlighted that India has progressed well in resource and condition mapping over the last 2 years and the government is focused on getting it deployment ready. The session pointed out that there can be multiple pathways for OW development in India. Read more in the highlights section.

To know further about the interesting discussion in the session, contact us at info@mecintelligence.com